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Welcome to Blueridge Projects

We are a property development company based in the Surrey Hills, operating broadly across the south east coastal and home counties.


Our mantra is “inspired by design” and our mission is to unlock the true potential of any site by applying high quality, innovative design, intelligent planning and environmental, energy efficient enhancements.


We couple this with a rigorous attention to detail to create places and spaces where people will be happy to live or work, utilising aesthetically pleasing, sustainable architecture, landscape design and imaginative interior design.


One of our core strengths is taking a site with poor planning history and unlocking its full potential by creating a design led, re-worked solution. We have become skilled at obtaining planning permission where others have failed. We can take a site with outline or basic planning in place and significantly improve its value through creative site planning and innovative internal re-design to add significant value to the final scheme.


We apply the same principles to convert commercial, agricultural or other working buildings, whose purpose has become redundant, to provide desirable new homes or work spaces.


We also relish the challenge of refurbishing and extending existing tired and outdated residential buildings to create beautiful new affordable homes from unattractive beginnings.


Our aim is always to produce the best return for us, our customers, funding partners and investors.

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